Koodikulma provides programming services such as web applications.


- HTML + CSS (a lot of experience)

- JavaScript & TypeScript (a lot of experience)


- GDScript (for Godot game engine, like Python)

- Shader scripting (for GPU)

- C# (basic skills)

- Python (basic skills)

- C++ (very basics, though have written a PR for Godot engine)

Interests and skills

-  Mostly orientated towards developing various systems and algoritms (with performance and flexibility in mind).

-  As well as the user experience and the visual side of things (from UI design to icons and the whole UX flow down to technical details).

-  Game related things. For example, developed many custom tools for Godot game engine (from automated code writing with "logic trees" to complex animation and auto-illustration tools - I'll link some videos later).


MixDOM - a powerful state based DOM rendering library for JavaScript / TypeScript (2022 - 2023)


Here are examples of the latest developed applications - more coming later.

The applications are tailored to the needs of the client. Typically they are installed onto a web hotel that the client purchases (basic web site requirements), so there are no active subscription-like expenses from Koodikulma's part.

If you are interested in a specific app or in need of a new one, please contact via email: infokoodikulmafi